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Make Sure Your Vison Is In Trusted Hands.

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness’.

James Thurber

S.T.O.R.M are proud to have unique access to some of the most experienced and leading consultants, trainers and lecturers within the Police, Government, Event Safety, Security, Crowd Safety and Counter Terrorism Sectors. Operating as specialist lecturers and trainers within our normal course delivery and available to our planning and operational delivery. Expect the most up to date, relevant specialist content, briefings and exercises.

Why are some associates identity on this page hidden by pseudonyms?

Our Associates are practitioners, and the nature of some of their work requires a level of confidentiality in order to maintain their operational effectiveness.

Associate Hotel Sierra


A passionate protective security manager and team leader with over 15 years’ experience of planning and leading high-profile close protection operations in the UK and around the world. Operational experience and delivery at all threat levels in over 30 countries, including higher threat and challenging environments, namely: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mexico, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia, Somaliland, Sudan, South Sudan and Turkey.

Training lead and Course Director for close protection, hostile environment and conflict management courses. Over 20 years of adult teaching experience in both security and non-security subjects. Guest lecturer for specialist security courses. UK Lead close protection policy developer and member of a number of national close protection-related committees and sector consultation groups. Specialises in High-profile and / or high threat protection,  Protective security for major events, sporting events and delegations.



Associate Sierra


Having 30 years policing experience, Associate S has spent the past 10 years working within Counter Terrorism Units reviewing threat assessments and creating response plans for high risk sites and events.  He has trained and worked within Counter Terrorism Police Operations Rooms, Joint Intelligence Groups and Regional Support Groups on Counter Terrorism investigations.  Trained as a Chemical liaison Officer he monitored compliance and investigated pre-curser and listed chemicals used in the manufacturer of explosives.

With 19 years as a Public Order Tactical Trainer and 17 years as a Public Order Tactical Advisor he brings a wealth of experience in the management of large crowds and events, ranging from Royal Visits, Football Matches, Music events and protests.

Associate S is also a CBRNe trainer and Radiation Protection Supervisor. A trained structured de-briefer and emergency planner, who was instrumental in the development of Multi Agency Emergency Planning, Exercise Coordination and Hazard Risk Management.